• Image of Factory replacement AN transmission line kit

94-02 Dodge Ram automatic transmission diesels are notaorious for their factory transmission lines rubbing holes and or leaking. They also have a one way check ball valve in the line coming from the liquid to liquid cooler on the passenger side of the block that can get stuck closed and cause any trans to fail instantly. This kit comes with all of the adapters, and AN lines to replace the factory lines with .5" -8 -AN push lock lines that are fully assembled and ready to be installed. This is the same kit I personally use and have installed on quite a few other rigs to eliminate the check ball valve, stock leaks, and make the cooling circuit much more reliable. If you no longer have the side cooler or have an aftermarket trans cooler feel free to message me and I can send a complete kit that is in assembled with the fittings you need to complete the job with great results. If needing the difference setup please email me before purchasing. Color depends on what my supplier has in stock. They will be either blue or black lines. Thank you!

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