• Image of Aluminum tappet cover 5.9 12v and 24v cummins engines
  • Image of Aluminum tappet cover 5.9 12v and 24v cummins engines
  • Image of Aluminum tappet cover 5.9 12v and 24v cummins engines

I designed this aluminum tappet cover to be a cost effect solution to replace the leak prone factory tappet cover.

The factory tappet cover due to its design does not apply very much pressure if any in some cases to the gasket/ sealing surface. In time this almost always leads to a slow leak from the area and even after being replaced with a new seal there is a decent chance that it will start to leak again within the year. taking the injection pump on and off is no fun to just change out a seal.

The aluminum tappet cover i make is cnc plasma cut from .1875" aluminum and is flat so when it is bolted down it can apply a significant amount of force to the sealing surface so even on high performance engines that are running high rpms and or high boost numbers which creates more crank case pressure that the factory system can vent, it wont blow the seal. i also do a .1875 vented version for those who want to add more crank case venting on the tappet cover.

it is not a replacement/ cure all for engines with excessive crank case blow by/ pressure. this helps significantly but vented valve covers should also be considered when dealing with engines that have a high blow by/ crank pressure amount.

the new design uses a buna rubber cork gasket for the seal that is supplied with the kit, it also uses standoffs now(spacers) on the inside to allow the bolts to be tightened all the way up.

bolts with sealing washers are also now supplied with the kit.

24v trucks with a vp pump will need a very very small amount sanded off of the pump support bracket. it takes 3-5 minutes to do. it is very very easy and can be done with a hand file/rasp, grinder, or flap disk.

There are A lot of factors that go into installing this part. Because of this I am not responsible for any leaks. A leak will happen if improper installation happens. This job cannot be rushed. I, as well as the majority of the covers that I have sold and shipped out have been installed properly and have been leak free for more than 2 years and counting of daily use which out performs the luck I have had with the stock cover as well as what customers and friends have had issues with the stock cover leaking within 10,000 miles or less.